Shell scripting is a great tool, but rarely is it tested. Enter BATS! In this post I will give a quick tutorial on how to use it to test scripts.

#!/usr/bin/env bats

@test "running a command" {
  run foogrep "bar" foo_file
  [ "$status" -eq 1 ]
  [ "$output" = "1: bar baz" ]

Learning Selenium


My basic need is to find a platform where I can test FF, IE, and Safari on Windows, Linux, and OS X. I use OS X as my platform, and Safari or Webkit as my environment. I don’t like Windows or IE. Linux is OK, but I like OS X because it just works the way I want. And I find FF to be slow, and Firebug which is needed to debug we pages causes rendering changes and timing issues (most notably causing FF to crash).