Ruby Sucks

Ruby sucks! Kind of!

Ok, well not really. Not even a little. But there seems to be a misconception about what ruby is. I hope to clarify somethings by first comparing it to other languages, then by ripping it apart in a constructive way.

Every computer language serves to let human control computers, and nothing more. Every language creator chooses an abstraction level that they feel fits with their needs. And in the end every computer language creates strings of 0s and 1s.

Code does rust

Fourteen years ago Joel Spolsky wrote an article entitled “Netscape Goes Bonkers”. In that article he states that “old software doesn’t rust”. The rest of the article is good, but that statement is “off”.

How to be a bad boss

Being a boss is a complicated thing. It is your job to get people to do things, sometimes things they do not want to do. And it is especially complicated in the software industry, where it is like herding cats.

I see a lot of posts on how to be a good boss, but the problem there is that they often forget to mention the things that can and will immediately erode any success you might have had. I am going to assume that as a reader you strive to be a person who others are willing to follow.

Nobody is perfect, so you will probably have done at least one of these things in the past. Or you do then without even knowing. Now is your chance to stop, and be a constructive boss who people want to work for.