New Hugo Blog

For those of you actually monitoring my site you will have noticed that I have not updated the site in quite some time. The reason is that I was unable to get OctoPress (my previous blog generator) to work on my upgraded computer.

I have switched to Hugo as my blog software and plan to start migrating the pages from the old blog. Please bear with me, and sorry if it screws up your RSS feeds.

My person Mac was having some HD issues, so after a disk repair I reinstalled the OS. The OS became Yosemite and since that time I have had Ruby issues with older packages. The major one being ffi.

I was not able to get ffi to compile correctly because of 10.4 headers. This is fixed in later updates, but doesn’t help me as Octopress is older. When I tried to update Octopress I found that it hadn’t been updated since my version :(.

A little more digging and the reason is that Octopress has fundamentally changed its designed principle. Before, it was an end-all-be-all blog built using Jekyll. In 3.0 it became a good-citizen of Jekyll and became a set of Gems and allows you to roll your own blog.

This is all well and good, and I was able to get the new version of Octopress working, but there was not quick and easy way to migrate my Octopress blog to the new style.

In the time since I started the blog I have no longer a RoR developer and rarely use Ruby. My language of choice is now GoLang, so I decided since I had to migrate anyway that I might as well pick something written in GoLang. Hugo is what I have chosen, and in a future blog I plan on detailing the migration path.

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