Blog Goals

I spend to much time thinking about the blog entries and not enough time trying things and writting about what I have learned. My overall goals are:

  1. Be small
    1. Be more then Twitter (longer then 144 characters)
    2. Be less then a novel
  2. Be focused
  3. Be useful (for me, if for no one else)
  4. Be fine, and updated
  5. Be updated weekly (or more)

Blog Ideas

  1. RVM
  2. Sinatra proxy
  3. BDD and TDD
  4. Continious Integration with CIJOE
  5. Heroku
  6. Cucumber with using Rspec should_receive
  7. Ext4 impressions
  8. Minimum RCov
  9. Extjs 3 Views and controllers

Entries still needing import

  1. The long way
  2. Testing rails in IE though pow
  3. The problem with best practices
  4. The everyone else’s job is easy paradox
  5. Cancan common behaviors and pro tips
  6. No magic in software development
  7. Software hazard pay
  8. Gist test
  9. Understand Capistrano without Rails
  10. Problem with planning points
  11. 3 Ways to fail, or avoid failure
  12. What the restaurant industry can tach the software industry
  13. Minimum development environment
  14. Rails from MySql to Postgresql
  15. Rails authentication with Authlogic and CanCan
  16. Rails searching with sphinx
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